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Alexander McQueen 2010 Shoe Collection

The importance of shoes has never been underestimated as it is known that shoes can transform the look of an outfit. Alexander McQueen seem to have found a great muse as his shoe collection for the 2010 spring summer season was out of this world. Find out what made his collection so special.

Alexander McQueen 2010 shoe collection has managed to shock the world through it's innovative, never before seen style. McQueen is a fashion designer known in the fashion industry as being one of the most talented and revolutionary fashion designers of these times. Fashion is about bringing something new, unique and good looking to the current trends and it seems that Alexander McQueen managed to bring new styles into fashion.

Alexander McQueen fashion

Alexander McQueen, the well known English fashion designer has been designing interesting outfits for more than a decade. He is known for his controversial and unique designs, and these characteristics contribute to his genius. Individuality, imagination and talent is absolutely necessary in the design business and Alexander McQueen seems to have every quality.
His designs have been following the same path, interesting, unique and eye catching, and this is exactly what fashion should do on certain occasions. Alexander McQueen has been awarded several times with the title “British Designer of the Year” as well as “International Designer of The Year”. He is one of the youngest fashion designers to receive such an important title so his talent is highly recognized.

Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 Shoes

Shoes are very important accessories for an outfit as they can help complete a look. Shoe trends change every year but usually the designs differ slightly from designer to designer. Alexander McQueen spring summer 2010 shoe collection managed to surprise the world with spectacular designs. It is absolutely amazing how much shoe can aid the look of an outfit and McQueen managed to emphasize this at the maximum.
Because people are used to seeing the same basic shoe styles, they are reluctant to changes and innovative designs. The never before style proposed by McQueen has a very futuristic look, a look which once you get over the shock looks absolutely fabulous.
His 2010 spring summer collection featured incredibly futuristic designs and his shoe collection matched this style perfectly. There were 3 distinctive designs featured on the runway and all looked stunning. Different colors and embellishments helped create a spectacle and a delight for the eyes.

  • One of the designs which captured a great amount of attention were the extraordinary high platform shoes featuring a ballerina design on tippy toes. The design of the shoes gave an illusion that the models are walking on the tip of their toes as the bulky design of the shoes covered the foot completely. The embellishments applied on the shoes and the gorgeous leather used in creation helped contour the desired style. These shoes are indeed show stoppers as they look incredible.

  • Another interesting shoe design featured in Alexander McQueen's collection for women was the ankle booties. These ankle cut boots feature a very futuristic, sci-fi design. The high heel seems to be covered in armor and bolted on with screws. Their appearance makes them look like they are ready to transform so they look stunning. This type of shoes have a more subtle but still interesting look.

  • The last shoe design featured on the runway looked different in every way. The shoes had an alien like appearance due to the intricate designs featuring interesting ridges and gaps. The high heel platform shoes appeared to be made out of hard plastic.

  • Because these interesting shoes match women with strong personalities and unique fashion styles, several celebrities have opted for Alexander McQueen shoes. Lady Gaga is only one of the celebrities who chose Alexander McQueen shoes and outfits for her video “Bad Romance”, as she is a woman who exudes individuality, confidence and style.
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