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Fall Winter 2010-2011 Shoes Fashion Trends

The latest fashion trends offer us the perfect excuse to invest in a variety of different items in order to perk up our style. Since shoe shopping is one of the favorite activities of many women it's worth knowing what are the most fashionable choices of the season when it comes to footwear. Check out the most exciting shoe styles of the moment.

When trying to perk up our style at the beginning of a new season we are almost always looking for stylish and practical items we can adapt to a variety of outfits and occasions. The latest shoe trends of the season often turn out to be a good investment as they tend to be durable and stylish and offer the possibility to immediately change our style with little effort. Depending on the styles chosen, shoes can be a stylish accessory or one of the main focal points of an outfit in the case of more eccentric designs. Here are some of the most interesting shoe trends you can choose from:

Fur boots
Since fur is one of the most used materials for the cold seasons, being one of the stars of the season, shoes with fur insertions are a natural consequence of this trend. Made both from real as well as artificial fur, this trend tends to stir a lot of controversy due to the environmental implications of using this type of material. While the decision whether to give this fashion trend a try or not tends to be an entirely personal one, one thing is for sure: we are going to see a lot of different variations of this trend for the season to come.




Burberry Prorsum

Thigh High Boots
Those who prefer minimalistic designs when it comes to footwear but still want to keep up with the latest fashion trends will find that thigh high boots are a surprisingly interesting alternative that might meet their request. Part of many seductive and provocative outfits, these impressive boots are on their way to becoming one of the sexiest and most interesting shoe style of the season. Paired with high waited skirts as well as other feminine outfits, pointy toe thigh high boots tend to add a touch of glamor to any outfit.

Buckled shoes
One of the details that you should look for in shoes this season is simple yet extremely powerful. Buckles manage to create an interesting combination between casual and formal footwear being extremely versatile. Most designers seem to share a common vision when it comes to how this trend should be applied as in many creations buckles are used on shoes with towering high heels that elongate the legs. If we were to nominate an absolute must have for this season, buckle shoes would definitely be on the list.

Phillip Lim


Barbara Bui

Roberto Cavalli

Chunky platform shoes
When eccentric combinations are needed one of the alternatives of this season, the chunky platform shoes might be the perfect accessory for the job. This trend is probably best suited for women who like to experiment with geometric lines and who don't place a high accent on expressing femininity trough their outfits as this trend is not recognized for this type of characteristic.

A perfect merge of functionality and style, wedges tend to be an indispensable item for m any women. Being flattering and more comfortable than high heeled shoes, wedges will be a valuable investment for the colder seasons. There are a lot of options available on the market when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of wedges so you can feel free to the type do trend that most appeals to you whether you are tempted to go for exotic skin and leather or you prefer choosing the the color of your wedges depending on color trends of the season.


Cynthia Steffe

Bottega Veneta

Calvin Klein

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