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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Legs

Shopping for shoes is often a pleasant and a difficult task at the same time. While most of us purchase shoes depending on our preferences and budget we rarely start thinking if the pair of shoes we just chose is the the most flattering for our feet. If you are unsure about the things you should look for when buying shoes, follow our quick guide to be able to make savvier choices when it comes to fashion and style.

Nowadays every woman knows the powerful influence shoes can have on their overall look. The right power of shoes can completely transform an outfit giving it a complete boost of style and sexiness in a matter of seconds. Generally, when it comes to fashion and style our shopping decisions are almost completely impulsive, meaning that we often purchase the pair that instantly catches our eyes without too many other consideration. While there's nothing wrong with this type of decision making process most of the time, if you really want to make the most flattering choices for your legs you should try to base the search on a few additional criteria as well.

Many women who feel self conscious about their legs don't realize that part of the problem might be the choices they make when choosing their shoes. The wrong style of shoes, just like the wrong choice when it comes to clothing can accentuate the flaws, contributing to an unfavorable overall look. Keeping in mind the particularities of your feet can help you make a wiser choice when it comes to footwear in general. Here are a few tips to help you optimize the search:

Short legs
Short legs is probably the most common problems for women all around the world. The detailing is probably the first thing you should look out for as the wrong detailing can make the problem even worse. Ankle strap shoes are a big no-no as they create a horizontal line that makes the illusion of elongating your feet impossible to create. Choosing monocolored shoes is a good idea because they can elongate the feet. To boost this effect you can also choose pointy or open toe shoes.
Also, avoid wearing cropped pants as much as possible if you have short legs as they will only make your legs appear shorter. Obviously, medium and high heels are the best choices for elongating the legs so make sure that you go for a height you are comfortable with on a daily basis.

Muscular legs
Sometimes the length of the legs is less of a problem and dissatisfaction is more about the shape of the legs. For curvy and muscular legs the style of the shoe can literally make or break a silhouette. Once again, shoes that tie around the legs are not the most flattering choice as they will only draw attention to the areas you are dissatisfied about. While medium and high heels can automatically make the legs look slender, some heels are better than others. It's best to try to avoid thin, delicate heels styles as they will appear too contrasting for your legs. Choose a pair of shoes that offer a good support to balance your your overall look. Dainty shoes are also a good options.

Thick ankles
The solution when it comes to make thick ankles appear a little counter intuitive. The most suitable shoes for this problem are those that have chunky heels. Avoid shoes that provide excessive coverage as these might make the legs appear even thicker. Choose cutaway shoes whenever possible and make sure to stay away from gladiator sandals during summer.

Long legs
Those who have long, lean legs can consider themselves very fortunate as almost any shoe style will look fabulous on them. However, if they legs are a little wide, it is best to stay away form pointy toes and choose rounded shoes instead as they will create a softer line that will not be too contrasting for the legs.

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