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How to Stretch Shoes

A brand new pair of shoes might give you pain due to the hard texture. However instead of ditching them out make sure you do your best to improve their condition with various tricks. Some would appeal to professional methods others would try out the timeless tricks of their grannies. In order to have the desired effect preserve the spotless condition of the footwear appeal to the various fabric-friendly ingredients and tricks. These are some of the most well-known and useful tricks to learn how to stretch shoes.

Stretch Shoes Remedies

Fitting the most beautiful shoe designs on your feet might be a real challenge especially if you bought them a few hours earlier. Indeed due to the strong and stubborn texture and fabric of pumps, sandals ans even flats we might suffer a great deal. There are however tricks that can be experimented with especially if your are keen to learn how to stretch shoes. Besides the professional means and use of products you'll have the chance to try out other and more fabric-friendly rituals that would definitely help you in sporting your basic accessories with great confidence. In the past when shoes were nourished with natural ingredients people were able to reduce the pain factor with easy-to-handle methods. These included the use of natural ingredients as well as simple tips. In order to minimize the discomfort new shoes can cause you make sure you take into account the following professional tricks.


  • This is one of the natural ingredients that manages to do miracles both with your skin as well as a stunning pair of tight shoes. Peeling a medium potato and placing it into the shoes is a remedy to soften the texture as well as the harsh design of the pumps or sandals.

  • Leave this delicious vegetable in the shoes overnight in order to achieve your stretching goals The juice of potatoes gets in direct contact with the fabric, this works with leather, suede as well as other fabrics. Instead of using chemical procedures make sure you have a peeled potato at hand to solve your problems.

  • Food Bags
  • Our parents also appealed to one of the basic rules of physics using a simple plastic food bag and some water. First and foremost the bag is filled with water and then placed in the shoes. Make sure the size of the bag and the water amount is perfect to fit into the pumps.

  • After you've completed the first phases proceed to the next step and place the shoe together with the bag in the freezer and let the shoes overnight there. The water soon will solidify and the huge ice cube will take on the shape of the shoes and also stretch them due to the larger size. The constant pressure on the fabric will stretch the shoes in order to wear them with confidence.

  • Alcohol

  • Those who are also eager to further enrich the trick repertoire of shoe stretching can also appeal to the use of alcohol as the best remedy. The shoe will have various areas that will hurt your feet. Instead of using your hands and damage the fabric use alcohol. This ingredient when rubbed into the most delicate sections would be able to soften the material and lead to its direct stretching. This ritual will work fabulously both with pumps, shoes and any other footwear. Leave the solution on for 4-5 minutes until you'll feel the alcohol completely dried. This is when the fabric will start to soften and become smooth.

  • Socks
  • Some would also experiment with the wet socks trick that us widely used in order to banish the tightness of new shoes. In this case all you have to do is dip the socks in a little water then remove the extra liquid and place them into your shoes. Make sure you place as many pieces as it is necessary to stretch your shoes when dried. Leave the socks into your favorite pumps or flats for at least one night as these would dry and expand in their texture to help you achieve your goal.

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