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Women have fallen in love with pumps for many years and the new designs of the season make pumps even more lovable. Find out how you can benefit from this amazing shoe style as they are perfect for every occasion.

Shoe trends seem to change every year and one of the current shoe trends which attracts a generous amount of attention from women, is the pump shoe style. Pumps are vintage style shoes which have made a huge comeback their look is absolutely fabulous as they help enhance a woman's femininity by adding a lengthening and slimming effect for the body, especially the legs when featuring a high heel.

The history of pumps

Pumps have become highly popular during the past couple of years and it's no surprise why. The new designs, techniques and materials used to create this lovely shoe style have evolved greatly since these shoes first appeared about 500 years ago. Obviously the shoe making technique of those times did not allow the shoes to have the aspect they have today but, with time, the ancient shoes started to evolve and modernize until they reached the image presented today by several important she designers. When they first appeared pumps featured a flat sole as they were made for comfort and they were mostly worn by men. With time the pumps slowly started to modify their appearance until the heel was added and more and more women opted for this shoe style.

Pumps are supposed to offer the comfort and style a woman looks for, and the new pumps designed by internationally known fashion designer feature high heels and platforms. The style and the design of the pumps differ from designer to designer and collection to collection. Obviously the target for which the pumps are designed determine the length of the heel, so from flats to incredibly stylish high heel pumps, pump style shoes look absolutely stunning.

How to wear pumps

Pumps create a very feminine and attractive look, a look suitable for formal as well as more casual occasions. Celebrities seem to have fallen in love with this style as every celebrity seems to be the proud owner of at least a couple of pair of pumps. The most popular pumps are the high heel and high platform pumps. Peep toe pumps are equally popular and they are suitable for any event. Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera have become an inspiration for many women when it comes to fashion. They love their pumps and wear them with confidence so no wonder they attract so much attention.
Find the pump style which suits your personality best, which appeal to you most or which offer you best advantages and comfort. Pumps can be worn with almost every outfit style from jeans to elegant dresses. Mixing and matching certain outfits and accessories can be a great option in finding the right outfit for you. T-shirts, tops, vaporous blouses and shirts work beautifully with pumps and skinny jeans so go ahead and experiment.
Short dresses, skirts and short pants look fabulous with high heel pumps. The pumps offer the legs the right posture and slimming effect they need in order to create an even more fabulous look.
Inspire yourself from your favorite celebrity and you will look gorgeous every time you want to capture attention.

Designer or regular pumps shoes?

Choosing the right pair of pumps for you depends on taste, preference and financial availability. Obviously designer shoes offer more advantages than no brand shoes as they use the best quality materials and the comfort offered by designer shoes can be greater but that doesn't mean that other shoes, which are not created by a designer are not a good option. You can find good quality pumps at a reasonable price and still receive the benefits you are trying to obtain from your pumps.
Choose depending on your preference as there is no rule about what brand of shoes to purchase. Stay stylish and comfortable and everyone will admire you.

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